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Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah arrived in Pristina

11.12.2017 10:46:29

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President of the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC), arrived in Pristina, Kosovo, Sunday afternoon, first step of his three-day visit in Kosovo, that will culminate Monday December 11 with a Gala Evening to celebrate the Third Anniversary of the recognition of Kosovo National Olympic Committee by the International Olympic Committee and the Second Anniversary of the recognition by ANOC.

Sheikh Al-Sabah had the opportunity to address the media upon his arrival at Adem Jashari International Airport, where Kosovo Olympic Committee President, M. Besim Hasani, and Secretary General, Shasivar Haxhijaj, greeted him.

“With the rising of the flag of Kosovo for the first time at the Olympic Games in Rio last summer and a first gold medal in judo, the country showed that sport is real here. I am really happy to be in Kosovo; I have been a strong supporter of President Hasani’s mission for the last six years. Kosovo deserved this recognition and we believe in Kosovo Olympic Committee”, declared Sheikh Al-Sabah at the airport.

“I am also personally happy to be here because of the history of the country. History showed how much people here are proud of their country. I wish Kosovo a lot of stability and success.”

Later in the afternoon, Sheikh Al-Sabah met with Kosovo Olympic Committee’s Executive Board at the office of the Committee. Sheikh was very generous with his time and shared his thoughts with the members of the Executive Board about the growth of Kosovo Olympic Committee and the sport system in the country. During the one-hour meeting, fruitful discussion between Sheikh Al-Sabah and President Hasani took place, ANOC President sharing a lot of information and insight from his long experience in international sport.

“This is an important day for Kosovo, because we have the immense privilege to host an important sport personality who helped us greatly towards the recognition of Kosovo NOC by IOC and ANOC. He is coming to see how much we have grown over these three years. And I believe that we have achieved a lot in these three years, notably the Olympic gold medal won by Majlinda Kelmendi in Rio”, mentioned President Hasani.

Sheikh Al-Sabah, who, at the helm of ANOC, recognized Kosovo Olympic Committee in 2015, has also expressed that he will continue to support Kosovo Olympic Committee, as he has done in the past.

On Monday, in separate meetings, Sheikh Al-Sabah will meet Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, members of Kosovo Parliament, representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport of Kosovo, as well as a sport facility in order to meet and greet some young athletes.

“Sheikh Al-Sabah is looking forward all these meetings, as it is important for him to understand well the landscape and ecosystem of sport in Kosovo, and to understand the challenges we face. Sport in Kosovo faces numerous challenges, especially from a sport infrastructure perspective. We all want to have meaningful discussions together to see how we can address these issues to improve the system to allow athletes, coaches and officials reach their dreams”, added President Hasani.

Sheikh Al-Sabah’s busy day will culminate with a special Gala Evening to celebrate the Third Anniversary of the recognition of Kosovo National Olympic Committee by the International Olympic Committee and the Second Anniversary of the recognition by ANOC. The event will take place at Hotel Emerald in Pristina.

Medaljet e fituara në Lojërat Olimpike

Kosova për herë të parë mori pjesë në Lojërat Olimpike “RIO 2016”. Medaljen e artë e ka fituar xhudistja, Majlinda Kelmendi, në kategorinë deri 52 kilogram.