The rewards to athletes in Kosova higher than in majority of the countries in the region

Friday,  08 March 2013

Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Kosova Olympic Committee and sports federations have discussed today for sub-legal acts regarding the rewards, pensions and scholarships for athletes, and they agreed for the amounts and other procedures on these issues. The compilation of these acts has been highly appreciated by the heads of federations, while stating that through this the motivation of athletes will enhance and there will be an even more State support for sport.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi expressed that this issue, which should have been solved a long time ago, is very significant to be completed as soon as possible, and with a high compliance. He said that the rewards which will be awarded in Kosova, according to these acts, will be higher than in the countries of the region. Minister stated that the rewards, scholarships and permanent support will be an incentive for everyone to work hard in order to achieve success but also their results will be rewarded as they deserve. He added that MCYS is working to clearly regulate the form of financing the Olympic Committee and Federations, enabling the allocation of an annual budget by the State to these mechanisms.

Minister Krasniqi requested a more active role from the Olympic Committee and Federations, as they will have a key role in the whole process of sport development. In this meeting all parties agreed that the Olympic Committee, within this month, together with Federations work in drafting the regulation on sport and athlete categorization, as it is regulated in every State, which is essential in order to provide the adequate support.  After the categorization it should also be worked on drafting the amounts and procedures for the rewards at the national level. The rewards, through these acts, will be awarded to the winners in the official international competitions of federations which are the members of Sport Accord. After additional consultations, the regulations will go through other procedures at the governmental level until their full approval.

In this meeting, by the proposal of Minister Krasniqi, the amounts of the rewards, permanent support and scholarships have been enhanced.

The scholarship for Olympic hope will be 150 euro per month. Up to 10 scholarships are foreseen to be awarded per year. The age of beneficiaries is from 14 up to 21.

The permanent support to culminant athletes will be as follows: 800 euro per month to the winners of Olympic gold medal, 600 to the winners of Olympic silver medal, 500 to the Olympic bronze medal winners. 600 euro will be awarded to the winners of gold medal in the World Championship, 500 to the silver medal winners, 400 to the bronze winners. While, for the gold medal in the European championship, the pension will be 500 euro, for the silver 400 and for the bronze 300 euro. The athletes are entitled to this pension from age 45, and they cannot be rewarded for the same medal from another State.

Rewards for the medals won:

Olympic Games
Olympic Record – 200 thousand euro
Olympic gold medal – 100 thousand euro
Silver medal – 60 thousand euro
Bronze medal – 40 thousand euro

World Championship
World record – 100 thousand euro
Gold medal – 40 thousand euro
Silver medal- 20 thousand euro
Bronze medal - 14 thousand euro

European Championship
European record – 40 thousand euro
Gold medal – 20 thousand euro
Silver medal – 14 thousand euro
Bronze medal – 8 thousand euro

Drafts foresee that the trainer of athlete or athletes who have won medals, will be awarded 50% of the amount of athlete’s reward.  

Young athletes who achieve results in Olympic Youth Games, World Championships and European Championships in the category up to U23 are rewarded 25 percent of the amount determined above.  

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