NOC-Kosovo welcomes the judo expedition, after the success in the European Championship “Prague 2020”

Wednesday,  25 November 2020

NOC-Kosovo heads, President Besim Hasani, Secretary General Shasivar Haxhijaj, and Executive Board member Besire Domaniku, on Tuesday welcomed the judo expedition, after the success they achieved at the European Championship “Prague 2020”, where Distria Krasniqi and Loriana Kuka won bronze medals.

The judo expedition consisted of the President of the Kosovo Judo Federation, Agron Kuka, the Olympic champion coach, Driton Kuka, the Olympic champion, Majlinda Kelmendi, and the world and European bronze medalist, Distria Krasniqi.

President Hasani congratulated the judo delegation for the success achieved, with special emphasis on Distria Krasniqi, who collected her second European medal, after the silver won in 2018.

“I wish for such success to continue even next year and for you to return with medals from the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and to represent our country in the most dignified way, as you have done so far,” President Hasani said.

Distria Krasniqi, thanking President Hasani for the reception, described 2020 as a very successful year for her.

“Despite the fact that it has been a difficult year, not only for me, but for all athletes, I can consider it a successful year, as I managed to return with medals from the European Championship, and I am also closing the year as top seed in the world and Olympic rankings,” Krasniqi said.

Coach Driton Kuka, thanking NOC-Kosovo for the continuous support, spoke about the great challenge of COVID-19 he and the team faced before the European Championship, due to which out of nine competitors, the team participated with only three in the European Championship.

Olympic champion Majlinda Kelmendi congratulated Distria for the bronze medal, emphasizing that all the pressure of this European was on her, which she compared with the pressure on herself at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

At the very end, a few modest gifts were distributed.

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