NOC-Kosovo host first Leading Sports Women Forum

Tuesday,  10 March 2020

On Monday, NOC-Kosovo hosted the first Leading Sports Women Forum, which was held as part of the March 8 International Women’s Day celebrations.

It was attended by the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Vlora Dumoshi, as well as dozens of leading sportswomen of sports federations in Kosovo, NOC-Kosovo Executive Board, trainers, athletes etc.

NOC-Kosovo leaders, President Besim Hasani and Secretary-General Shasivar Haxhijaj, congratulating women on March 8, spoke about gender equality, which remains one of NOC-Kosovo’s top priorities.

“Every year, such a forum will be organized in honor of this day, and I believe that the forum will take on an international character. Sports remains a powerful platform and I believe we will be a good example of gender equality. The NOC-Kosovo statute provides that we shall have at least seven women on the Executive Board, for a ratio of 10 men to 7 women. If you are engaged, chances are for 9/8 ration,” President Hasani said.

Minister Dumoshi also expressed the support of MCYS for the inclusion of girls in sports.

“Girls in Kosovo have an important role to play in sports. As a minister, I will only be successful thanks to our upcoming close cooperation and the support of the clubs, because there have been some differences between men’s and women’s clubs. We will bring Kosovo in the forefront of sports and youth. This is an Olympic year and Kosovo will be represented by many women at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics,” Minister Dumoshi said, who also spoke about sports infrastructure as one of MCYS’s priorities.

The Forum held at the Sirius Hotel included a debate on the orientation and strategy of equitable inclusion of girls in sport and in sports leadership for both genders!

During the fruitful discussions, the girls highly praised the organized forum, talked about the challenges, ideas and forms of cooperation, how to strengthen the role of women in sports, and also how to increase girls’ participation in sports.

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