Minister Krasniqi: Kosova is ready for application in the International Olympic Committee

Saturday,  19 November 2011

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi has met today the Head of the International Boxing Association, who also is the member of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee, Ching Kuo Wu. This is the first visit of a senior official of the IOC in Kosova.

Minister Krasniqi thanked Mr. Wu for the support provided to Kosova in the field of sports, especially to the Boxing Federation, which has been accepted in AIBA this year. Minister also thanked WU for his continuous lobbying for Kosova in the International Olympic Committee. Wu during his visit in Kosova has attended the finale of boxing international tournament, ‘Adem Jashari’, as well as the basketball match between Prishtina and Peja which he attended together with minister Krasniqi last night. This proves that the IOC approach towards Kosova has changed, and it also shows their sincere interest in our athletes said Minister.

Minister said Kosova is ready to apply for acceptation in the International Olympic Committee, while adding that this issue will be carried out very carefully.

“It is encouraging the fact that Kosova is already establishing an official communication with the International Olympic Committee and the visits of Mr. Wo and Mr. Pere Miro are strongly confirming that our request to be an equal part of the international competitions is being very sincerely reviewed. We have reviewed the issue of Kosova application for membership in the International Olympic Committee for a long time and almost in every aspect and we already have much more clearly the path we will follow.

We have repeated several times that we will be careful in undertaking the steps, by following also the aspect of Kosova recognitions in general and as you already know the process of recognition has progressed. I believe that our application to be a member of IOC will happen very soon and we will receive a positive answer that all of us wish, and after this our athletes will have the doors open”, said minister Krasniqi in the press conference after the meeting. On Sunday evening minister Krasniqi with collaborators and the head of KOC, Besim Hasanin had a working dinner with Mr. Wu, where they discussed issues related to the sports internationalization.

In his speech, in the press conference, the head of AIBA and also the member of the Executive Board of the Olympic Community, Ching Kuo Wu expressed his impressions on great work and will of athletes in Kosova. He congratulated minister Krasniqi in particular, with whom he also met before, for the work carried out in the awareness of the issue of Kosova to the world sports community. Wu said AIBA has made a right decision when it has accepted Kosova.

“Next year it will take place a mayor event. I want to see your boxers present in the World Championship 2013 where the whole world could see the brilliant play of your boxers.

Two days ago I witnessed the very good quality of your boxers. So I instruct your boxers continue exercising and preparing for the major event of the next year. I take the opportunity to congratulate the Government, and Minister of Culture and Sport in particular. I absolutely think that minister is the proper individual to promote not only sport but also culture as you need significant decision makers in order to be provided by this kind of support. I could say that I am ready, many others are ready and you should be ready as well facing many important events in order that Kosova be truly  recognized”, he said. Wu also expressed congratulations for the work carried out by the head of the Olympic Committee of Kosova, Besim Hasani for sports internationalization.

After the visit of Mr. Wu, also the director for relationship with national Committees within the frame of the International Olympic Committee, Pere Miro will stay in Kosova for two days. Both visits mark a significant step in the affirmation of Kosova sport to the world, with a special emphasis to the process of KOC membership to the IOC. 

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