Minister Krasniqi: Kosova athletes expect good news from the International Olympic Committee

Tuesday,  20 November 2012

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi has welcomed in a meeting today the Director on Relationships with National Olympic Committees in the frame of the International Olympic Committee, Pere Miro, who was also accompanied by his deputy Jerome Poivey, and they are staying in an official visit in Kosova in order to closely see the current situation of sport.

Minister Krasniqi thanked Mr. Miro for the visit and all the support provided to Kosova so far in the work concerning the internationalization of sport. Minister has informed him for the developments of Kosova sport, in every aspect. He said the mayor challenges are infrastructure, the increase of organization quality and internationalization as well. Concerning infrastructure, Minister Krasniqi said investments have been enhanced in the two last years, such as in the renovation of palaestra, stadiums as well as construction of other spaces for different Olympic sports and the non-Olympic ones. The support in this respect will increase in the future, said minister Krasniqi.

Minister also spoke regarding the process of federation organization and consolidation in Kosova in general, while stating that there have already been undertaken the necessary steps in order that federation function conform rules which are foreseen by the international statutes.

A particular topic of the respective meeting has been the sport internationalization in Kosova, and as minister said this process is being isolated for 20 years. Nevertheless, added minister, Kosova will continue working towards the future with the aim of opening the doors to our athletes as soon as possible, who with a great passion and will are working in order to increase the quality in competitions and one day to be equal with athletes from all over the world.

Kosova, said minister Krasniqi, is ready to proceed the request for acceptation in the International Olympic Committee very carefully and in coordination with all sports supporters of Kosova. Minister expressed confident that IOC will consider very seriously the request of Kosova, and will provide a positive response that will be one of the best news for thousands young athletes of Kosova.

From his side, Pere Miro said he really feels honored for his visit in Kosova, while expressing his satisfaction with the commitment and sports achievements. He congratulated minister Krasniqi for the great urge he has given to the sports internationalization, by promising even a greater support in the future. Miro said there are many things to report to IOC, while promising that contacts with Kosova will continue now on.  

The visit of Mr. Miro and the member of the Executive Board of IOC, Ching Kuo Wu yesterday marks the visit of a senior delegation of IOC Kosova ever had.


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