Minister Krasniqi asked for a more active role of the Olympic Committee in 2013

Monday,  31 December 2012

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi welcomed in a meeting today the new composition of the Executive Olympic Committee of Kosova, lead by the President Besim Hasani, with whom he discussed regarding the work carried out in 2012 in Kosova sports development, especially in internationalization process.

Minister Krasniqi while congratulating them on the positions received congratulated them for the contribution provided by being engaged in Kosova sport development and internationalization. He assessed that the current year brought quite good news for sport, especially in the aspect of infrastructure improvements as well as lobbying on breaking long isolation.

In the coming year, said minister Krasniqi there will be investments in sport infrastructure again, such as stadiums, palestra, sports polygons, etc. He also expressed to the heads of the Committee his full readiness to further working for Kosova sport internationalization.  In this respect, he asked from them to be even more engaged. Also, he expressed his support on working together with the Olympic Committee on internal sport organization. Minister Krasniqi said he is convinced that by a greater commitment of us all, in year 2013 there will be milestone decisions for Kosova sport.

On the other hand, the President of Kosova Olympic Committee, Besim Hasani, thanked minister Krasiqi for the support provided to Kosova sport during year 2012. He also assessed that this year marked numerous achievements in internationalization plan, as well as in internal sport development.

Hasani expressed the will that with the new Presidency, there will be a more active role in every aspect, in order that this mechanism and federations in general truly be functional, with the aim of ensuring more qualitative competitions and dignified presentation.  

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