MCYS supports Majlinda Kelmendi and Driton Kuka for the Olympic Cycle 2013 -2016

Wednesday,  10 July 2013

The judoka Majlinda Kelmendi and her coach Driton Kuka will enjoy all financial support for the Olympic Cycle 2013 – 2016. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has signed on Tuesday an Understanding Memo with Kosova  Olympic Committee and Judo Federation, through which it is ensured the financial support to the team of Majlinda until Olympic Games ‘Rio 2016’. Upon signing this Memorandum Majlinda will participate in each competition as a judoka from the Republic of Kosova and she aims to be presented as such also in Olympic Games.

At signing ceremony, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Memli Krasniqi said that the support provided by the State to culminant athletes and their progression is very significant. He said that support provided to Majlinda and her team was not questionable in any circumstance and it will further enhance, and hard work will be carried out on increasing investments in sport and subsidizing federations and athletes. At present, the judoka Kelmendi is the first in the world ranking list.

“This is an outstanding step undertaken for the athlete who made our people proud. We will further support Majlinda in her path towards Rio Olympics and we believe that she will continue scoring successes in career”, said Minister Krasniqi.

The coach Driton Kuka said he was happy for a four year support provided to him and Majlinda in the Olympic Cycle. “Certainly, today is a very special day for Kosova sport. Superior athletes will for the first time enjoy a full support by the State. Today we have reached an extremely significant agreement because the only athlete in Kosova with superior achievements, Majlinda Kelmendi has signed a four year contract for our engagement until the Olympics “Rio 2016” in Brasil.  Today it is a great day and it motivates us even more. It is a great relief for me and Majlinda in particular taking into account that she is professional and lives from sport. Nevertheless, from now on she will only concern on working harder for the achievement of other successes” said Kuka.

The judoka Majlinda Kelmendi said that hereinafter she will work in tranquility.
“I thank minister Krasniqi very much since this was not an easy task for him either. I experienced difficult times when being presented good offers. But I am glad I did not accept them as the Minister is supporting us just as we agreed. Henceforth, all athletes will be more persistent for achieving results since there will be no doubts whether they will be supported or not”, emphasized Kelmendi.
The signing of this Memorandum was welcomed also by the President of Kosova Olympic Committee, Besim Hasani who believes that this will be an incentive for all athletes to score results and work harder. Whereas, the President of Judo Federation, Agron Kuka said that this is a great step undertaken to the benefit of Kosova sport, especially judo.

Upon agreement signing, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports allocates financial means in amount of 120.000.00 (one hundred and twenty thousand) euro for the expenses of the Olympic Cycle 2013-2016. On the other hand, the Olympic Committee, Judo Federation, the coach and athlete will work on preparing as much as possible aiming at successful presentation of Kosova in all competitions related to this Cycle.

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