Kosovo NOC successfully organized the international seminar for coaches mental health titled “Coach’s voice”

Monday,  14 December 2020

The first international training for the elite program for mental health and renewal of high performance for sports coaches in Kosovo “Coach’s voice” has been successfully completed.

The training was organized by the Kosovo Olympic Committee and the Australian organization ‘Optimisation Hub’, and was attended by numerous coaches from sports federations.

A total of five sessions were held led by Optimization Hub coaches Graziella Thake, Elda Gjoka, Ben Gollins, Mel Roche and Paul Hutch.

The training was also observed by the President of KOC, Besim Hasani, who thanked the trainers of Optimisation Hub and the participants of the training, expressed the readiness to continue the cooperation with Optimization Hub, while encouraging the participants of the seminar to convey the new knowledge gained to their athletes.

The director of this organization Graziella Thake spoke on behalf of the Optimisation Hub, who thanked the trainers for attending the lectures, with special emphasis on Elda Gjoka, for the valuable contribution given during the sessions.

The coaches expressed gratitude to KOC and Optimization Hub for the opportunity they were given to gain new knowledge and how to motivate athletes.

Months ago, such a training was held with 40 Kosovo elite athletes and 2020 Olympic Hopes.

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