Kosovo celebrated World Day of Sports and Environment by gathering hundred children

Wednesday,  06 June 2018

Kosovo Olympic Committee (KOC) in close cooperation with Pristina Municipality, has organized an event in the center of Kosovo’s capital city to celebrate World Day of Sports and Environment.
Hundreds of children gathered to celebrate the 5th of June by taking part on different sport activities.
KOC’s president, Besim Hasani, spoke about the importance of this day, inviting and advising all the children to be part of as many sport activities as possible.
“Sport has an important role in positive changes that we can make in our society”, said Hasani. “This is why we want to send a clear message that through sport activities we want to make these changes in the environment where our children practice sport”.
Children enjoyed being part of organized sport activities, playing different sports. This event also marked the planting of the Second Olympic Tre in Pristina’s center, while the first was planted one year before.


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