Condolences Letter to IOC for Peter Tallberg

Thursday,  21 May 2015

Dear President Bach, 

Dear friends at the IOC family, 

With deep sadness I have got the news on the death of Peter Tallberg, IOC member and a five time sailing Olympian, an Olympian in all senses. He will be missed. 

Few years ago I had the opportunity to meet him and we spoke about Kosovo. Now that the vision we shared has become reality, the loss of a personality as Peter's was, is felt more and more, as we would like to celebrate successes, which together we made happen. 

It is difficult to have the responsibility to write this message, as his work, his example, his contribution and legacy stands in front of us heightened by the noble life he made and the great example he set caring for athletes and the clean sport in general.

We cherish his life and his successes as well as we get inspired on our mission we have to fulfill in life. 

May he rest and peace and may the generations to come, feel and sense how a legacy is lived, and pass the tradition to future generations. 

With the deepest sympathy and respect, 

 In the name of the Kosovo National Olympic Committee,

Besim Hasani 


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