10 contracts signed with 2020 Olympic Hopes scholarship recipients

Friday,  13 March 2020

NOC-Kosovo signed contracts with 10 scholarship recipients, who will receive monthly stipends from NOC-Kosovo as “2020 Olympic Hopes”. The ceremony organized at the Sirius Hotel in Prishtina, was attended by NOC-Kosovo heads, President Besim Hasani and Secretary-General Shasivar Haxhijaj, athletes, coaches and federation representatives.

The athletes who will receive a stipend of EUR 100 per month during 2020 are: Arti Krasniqi (swimming), Fatjona Kasapi (judo), Betim Maliqi (karate), Albina Deliu (field and track), Besart Pireva (boxing), Alaudin Suma (field and track), Edi Dvorani (archery), Njomza Nuraj (taekwondo), Vesa Gjinaj (tennis) and Fatlum Brakaj (wrestling).

President Hasani stated that NOC-Kosovo will support the realization of these athletes’ dreams.

“It took an exceptional competition, but you distinguished yourselves as the 10 best athletes, who possess the qualities that make the difference, and we wanted to prove that athletes are not simply at the heart of NOC-Kosovo, but are the very heart of NOC-Kosovo. We expect this to be a motive for you to be more committed, to achieve more, and to assure solid progress towards the realization of your dreams,” President Hasani said.

Secretary-General Haxhijaj stated that NOC-Kosovo has increased the number of scholarships from six to ten, while also mentioning the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Scholarships and Beijing 2020 Winter Olympic Games Scholarships, which are awarded in cooperation with the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity.

On behalf of the athletes, taekwondoist Njomza Nuraj said that this support provides a certain relief in their pursuit of a career, and that from now on they won’t think about financial problems, but only about results.

Boxer Besart Pireva also said that they have to justify the trust NOC-Kosovo has in them and the best way to do that is to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Pireva himself, will be aiming for the 2020 Olympic norm.

Speaking on behalf of the coaches, field and track coach Mustafa Rrustemi asked the athletes to make us proud.

In addition to these 10 Hopes, at the end of 2019 NOC-Kosovo’s EB also selected 10 recipients of 2020 Olympic Hopes, who will receive a monthly stipend of EUR 150 from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

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