Two Olympic gold medals and 42nd place in the world

Tuesday,  10 August 2021

11 athletes, six Olympic norms and two gold medals in the end. This was the balance of the Kosovo Olympic team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan, from 23 July to 8 August 2021.

An extraordinary achievement for a country like Kosovo, for which it was only the second participation in the Olympic Games, after the debut in LO Rio 2016.

Judokas Distria Krasniqi and Nora Gjakova brought gold medals to our country, dominating the tatami in the -48 kg and -57 kg categories in the Ippon Budokan hall in Tokyo.

 Successful performances were also those of judokas Akil Gjakova, who ranked seventh in the -73 kg category with three victories, and wrestler Egzon Shala, who also came seventh in the -125 kg category with one victory.

Unlucky was the Rio 2016 Olympic champion, Majlinda Kelmendi (-52 kg), who was stopped in the first fight (second round), like the other judoka, Loriana Kuka (-78 kg).


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