The Kosovo Olympic Committee hosts forum on abuse prevention in sports

Friday,  02 December 2022

The Kosovo Olympic Committee through the Women and Sport Commission and in cooperation with the UN Women and UNKT organizations, hosted the forum on the topic: “Empowering girls and women to prevent abuse in sports”.

In his speech, NOC-Kosovo President Ismet Krasniqi called for such cases not to be hidden under silence, while he expressed his and the Executive Board’s full support in fighting and preventing abuses in sports.

The UN Women Coordinator, Arnhild Spence, praised the hosting of the forum, while calling for girls and women to be protected from all forms of abuse.

The forum took place in the form of a panel, during which it was found that unfortunately there are such cases of abuse in Kosovo sports, while the silence and failure to report them to the relevant bodies, is a concern.

The panelists at the forum were: Daulina Osmani, Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Edi Gusia, Chief Executive Officer of the Agency for Gender Equality, Afërdita Fazlija, Deputy Director of the Sports Department at the MCYS and coach, Naser Krasniqi, Director of the Girls’ National Volleyball Team and coach, Bardha Uka, Director of the Dem Sport organization, Mrika Nikçi, mountaineer, and Ulpiana Emra, former basketball player, now sports journalist and commentator.

The panelists, but also other participants, who mainly came from federations and clubs, discussed and gave different recommendations on how to prevent such cases and what the best ways to report a case are.

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